Casa Grande

Just a little over 120 years ago, Casa Grande was home to six permanent residents, who made a living moving freight between the train station and nearby mines. When Southern Pacific stopped work on the rail line it was building from Yuma across southern Arizona in 1879, the supplies piled up and the town stayed on. Originally named “Terminus,” Casa Grande, or “Big House,” was renamed for a four-story Hohokam Indian adobe building located 20 miles to the east.

Today, the population of Casa Grande is more than 23,000 and the railroad and agriculture are responsible for its continuing growth. The history of the railroad and agriculture can be explored at the Casa Grande Valley Historical Society.

The Casa Grande Ruins National Monument is located in Coolidge, about 20 miles northeast of Casa Grande. Built in the early 1300s, this was once the home of a settlement of Hohokam Indians who declined and vanished by the end of that century.

Between Phoenix and Tucson, Casa Grande is a lovely rural retreat with easy access to a variety of attractions.