Nevada Considers Raising Snowbird Fees

Nevada lawmakers are looking at ways to raise more money from snowbirds. Currently, anyone over the age of 10 who resides in Nevada for more than 31 consecutive days must purchase a seasonal identification card at a cost of $12 ($7 for seniors).

However, if Nevada AB405 is passed into law, that mandated fee will jump to $17 for all, the RV News Service reported.

Going even further, the bill states: Bring a vehicle into Nevada, you’ll need a seasonal decal, at $18 per year. Bring your Class A motorhome and a tow vehicle, make the total decal bill $53. The Nevada Assembly voted earlier this week to push the bill over to the Senate for its consideration on a 40 to 1 approval vote. The Senate will have until the close of the 2012-13 session on June 1 to act on it.

As report in the Mojave Daily News, tourist promotion officials seem to be more than a little concerned. “Assembly Bill 405 reminds me of the issue with the RVers and dry camping back in 2006,” said Connie Davis, executive director of the Laughlin Chamber of Commerce. “The economic impact that issue caused was tremendous, due to the fact that the RVers went national with the message that Laughlin doesn’t like RVs. To this day, we still haven’t recovered.

“Snowbirds and RVers bring in tourism dollars to Laughlin and the whole Tri-state area,” continued Davis. “The perceived benefits from AB405 won’t outweigh the negative effects. Those folks will go spend their money elsewhere.”

The bill is the brain-child of sponsor Assemblyman Richard Carrillo, D-Clark County. In an ironic twist, a view of Carrillo’s web page lists the Alliance of Retired Americans as one of his affiliations.

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