Exciting Events and the Centennial Celebration in Arizona

Each and every year, there are a lot of events that take place in Arizona. Though Arizona is known for the Grand Canyon, deserts, and cacti, these events give tourists another reason to flock the state. Of course, this is a rather popular destination for RVers because a lot of AZ RV resorts and AZ RV parks are found all over the state.

This year happens to be extra special as Arizona celebrates its 100th birthday. Of course, the centennial celebration itself is reason enough for some tourists to head to Arizona. For those who are not aware, AZ is celebrating its centennial this February 14.

Upcoming Events This February 2012

Aside from the centennial celebration, there are other annual events to look forward to in different regions of AZ. In Tubac, the 53rd Annual Tubac Festival of the Arts will be a week-long celebration from February 8 to 12.

Those who can appreciate art should definitely go to Litchfield Park after visiting Tubac. The Wigwam Festival of Art will be hosted at the Wigwam resort from February 10 to 12. This art festival features artists of Southwestern, Native American, and Western genres.

Music lovers might want to catch the Arizona Music fest in Scottsdale. This musical event is ongoing and it lasts for a month from February 1 to March 2. Lots of artists famous for classical, pop, jazz, and Broadway music will be performing in this Music fest.

Another even will be happening in Scottsdale from February 16 to 26 for those who love horses. The 57th Annual Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show annually attracts hundreds of thousands of horse lovers per year.

Those who are in AZ for Presidents’ Day, February 20 are in for a treat. The Arizona Renaissance Festival will have something extra special on that particular holiday. The festival itself runs from February 11 to April 1. Tourists can expect non-stop entertainment on 12 different stages every single day. There will be jousting knights on horseback, circus performers, dancing, music, and comedy.

Happy Birthday, Arizona!

There are a lot of other events to look forward to aside from those mentioned above. Naturally, the centennial celebration will be a grand affair for those who will be spending Valentine’s Day in AZ. Those who want to know more about the other events should get the AZ RV Guide for 2011 to 2012.

Arizona became the 48th contiguous state to enter the Union of the United States. This special day coincides with Valentine’s Day which makes February 14 even more special for the local residents.

The party of the century will take place during the weekend. On February 11, people in Metro Phoenix can look forward to the Centennial Ride as thousands of motorcyclists parade to the Best Fest. In the evening, people within the area can watch live performances by Jerry Riopelle, Michelle Branch, and Gin Blossoms.

On February 14, a more formal affair takes place at the Phoenix Convention Center. This black tie affair involves entertainment, cocktail, and dinner. Fandango! Arizona features Rex Allen, Jr., Hugh Downs, Harvey Mackay, the Honorable Sandra Day O’Connor, the Phoenix Symphony and more Arizona celebrities.

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