The Upcoming Centennial Celebration in Arizona

The year 2012 is certainly the best year to head to Arizona. Arizona became a state in February 14, 1912 which means that a grand centennial celebration is to be expected. It not matter if one prefers one region over the other as there are lots of interesting places in this large state.

Those who are traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV) can easily see what Arizona has to offer. It is also very convenient for them that lots of AZ RV resorts and AZ RV parks are located all over the state.

The Phoenix Metro

Travelers who want the big city experience should head to Metro Phoenix. After all, the state’s capital is composed of smaller cities that have a lot to offer any traveler. Tourists can expect fine dining restaurants, shopping malls, theaters, sports stadiums, museums, and galleries in Phoenix.

The Phoenix Metro is subdivided into two regions namely East Valley and West Valley. Mesa is found in the East Valley. Those who want to spend their winter in a place where it is neither too cold nor hot should consider traveling to the East Valley. The Superstition Mountain is also located within this area. It is the perfect spot for rock climbing and hiking.

If the East Valley has the Superstition Mountains, the West Valley has the White Tank Mountains which will also be fun for hikers. To the north, one will discover Lake Pleasant which is perfect for fishing and boating. Surprise is located in the West Valley and the largest shopping center in the region can be found here.

A Taste of the Old Wild West

Arizona is also known for its cultural diversity. After all, the US-Mexico border cuts through this region as well. When it comes to cultural diversity, one can expect to see remnants of old Hohokam, Native American, Hispanic, and Anglo-American culture within the state.

Those who want to know all about the Native Americans within the region should definitely visit Casa Grande which is just south of Metro Phoenix. Another place to do to would be Yuma. Yuma has served as the gateway to SE California for many years. Lots of immigrants have passed through the region. The evidence of cultural diversity can be seen in the architecture, food, music, tradition, and art within the Yuma community.

To get a glimpse of the Old West, one can head to Cochise County. In Cochise County, tourists can witness live gunfights in Tombstone and copper mine tours are still offered at Bisbee. For more of the Old West, west of Cochise County lies Tucson. The charming Old Western town of Ajo is located in Tucson just south of Casa Grande.

By RVing across the state, one can actually see all of those places. Those who are planning to go to AZ this month are in for a treat as AZ celebrates its 100th year of statehood. The Arizona Centennial Commission is making sure that this much awaited event will be as grand as people expect it to be. A list of events and projects are available at the official website.

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