Tourist Attractions and Activities to Do in Metro Phoenix

The city of Phoenix is the capital of Arizona. It is also considered the anchor of the Phoenix Metropolitan Area which is also referred to as the Valley of the Sun. Arizona is one of the largest states in the US in terms of land area and Phoenix is one of the largest cities as well.

Though this area is known for its subtropical desert climate and cacti, the city actually has a lot to offer travelers of various ages and interests. Due to its size, the state is probably one of those places that travelers can only explore fully by traveling in a recreational vehicle (RV). It is quite convenient that AZ RV parks and AZ RV resorts are located throughout the state.

Head East to the East Valley

The Phoenix Metropolitan area is actually subdivided into regions. The East Valley is one of those regions. Lots of folks who want to escape the harsh winter weather in other areas usually head to the East Valley. By spending winter in the East Valley, one can expect to see the wide open blue sky and sunshine on a daily basis.

Aside from being a good winter destination, it also has a lot to offer various travelers. At the East Valley, one can easily get the big city experience because downtown Phoenix is just a ride away through the Metro Light Rail.

Those who want a break from city life can easily head to the Apache Trail in Apache Junction. This area has a marvelous view of the mountains, lakes, and wildlife. In addition, those who want to get a glimpse of how the Old West was like can easily do so in this area.

Head West to the West Valley

The western section of the Valley of the Sun also has a lot to offer travelers. Hikers and rock climbers can get the adventure they seek at the White Tank Mountains. North of this area lies Lake Pleasant, those who enjoy fishing, boating, and other water sports will definitely want to check this out.

Northwest, travelers will discover Wickenburg. Wickenburg is a well-preserved Old West town which has its own annual festivals. In addition to those festivals, shoppers will also have a good time in this town.

The best part about staying within the Valley of the Sun is the fact that fine dining establishments, sports stadiums, and places of entertainment are easily accessible. There are lots of museums and concert venues within the Valley of the Sun as well.

Those who would like to know more about this region should take a look at the AZ RV Guide for 2011-2012. The guide will also include a list of festivals and events to look forward to. Travelers who are thinking about visiting Arizona this Valentine’s Day are in for a treat as the state celebrates its 100th birthday on February 14. The centennial celebration will definitely be a grand affair with a live concert and black tie dinner much later in the evening.

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