Year Round Activities in Arizona That Any Traveler Can Enjoy

Arizona is famous worldwide because of the Grand Canyon. Its fame is not so surprising since it is one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World. Currently, the Grand Canyon or the Grand Canyon National Park is managed by the Hualapai Tribal Nation and the Havasupai Tribe.

Aside from the Grand Canyon, there is more to Arizona than deserts and cacti. As a matter of fact, the state is huge. It is considered the sixth largest state in the United States. In terms of population, it is at the 16th place out of 50 states.

Events and Year Round Activities to Enjoy

Big events are happening in AZ this month. The state will be celebrating its centennial and that will definitely be a grand affair. Travelers who frequently travel to AZ might want to be there for the festivities which will be happening this Valentine’s Day or February 14. That makes it quite easy to remember the date of Arizona’s statehood.

First timers in Arizona will probably head to the Grand Canyon. That is not so surprising. If one stands at the edge of the Grand Canyon at the right time, one can experience a 360 degree view of the Arizona sunset. Simply put, it is breathtaking.

In truth, there is no “best time” to travel to AZ because there are lots of events and activities all year round. Many RVers actually find the state favorable for RVing as there are lots of AZ RV parks and AZ RV resorts all over the state.

In Cochise County, Bisbee’s Fiesta de las Aves should not be missed. This week-long event is an event that bird lovers should not miss. Music lovers will have a great time at the White Mountain Bluegrass Festival which is held at Sedona’s Jazz on the Rocks. The Grand Canyon Music Festival is another event music lovers should not miss. Those who love the theater should witness Prescott’s Arizona Shakespeare Festival. For art enthusiasts, there are a few events as well – Phoenix’s First Fridays Art Walk, Tucson’s La Fiesta de San Agustin, and Chinle’s annual Central Navajo Fair. Sports and racing fans also travel to AZ regularly as lots of major sports events are held in stadiums within the state.

Historical Sites and More Natural Wonders to See

The Grand Canyon lies at the northern part of AZ. South of it, there are lots of other regions to visit for arts, culture, sports events, and outdoor recreational activities. Of course, Phoenix or the state capital will be one of those regions.

In addition to Phoenix, Yuma, Casa Grande, Tucson, and Cochise are other regions that have a lot to offer travelers. Those who are RVing across the state will have no problem visiting all of these places. Naturally, travelling in an RV can really be endless and there are lots of RV parks and resorts for stop overs.

In these regions, one can see lots of well-preserved heritage sites. Those who want a glimpse of the Old West can head to Cochise county and Tucson. Tourists that would like to know more about Native Americans should head to Casa Grande. For water sports, Yuma will be one of the best travel destinations. In a nutshell, anyone can go to AZ at any season. There are lots of events, sites to see, and outdoor recreational activities to enjoy. Enjoy RVing in Arizona… what a life!

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