Canadian Campgrounds Face Loss of Tax Credit

Owners of private campgrounds across Canada have been caught off-guard by news that they can no longer claim a small business tax credit.
CTV News reported that Terrie Sage and her husband own the 80-site Sage Campground in Cambridge, Ontario. She said they learned of the change last fall, when CRA notified them that they owed an additional $36,000 for the 2013 and 2014 tax years.
If that amount wasn’t paid immediately, they’d be on the hook for $250 per month in interest charges.
“We are one of the smaller campgrounds, so I can’t imagine what the bigger campgrounds are facing,” she said in an interview.
At issue, CRA says, is that some private campgrounds exist primarily for rental income – meaning they shouldn’t qualify for the tax credit.
Another campground owner in southern Ontario is facing a taxi bill of nearly $250,000.

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