Canadian Visitors to Arizona an Economic Boon

Between West Jet, Air Canada and US Airways, there are now 84 direct flights from Canada cities to Arizona. Those flights have brought over 700,000 visitors to the state in 2011 and that number is expected to top 775,000 in 2012. Despite the recession, Canadians have become the largest group of home buyers in Arizona, with 11,200 residential sales in Maricopa County in 2011.

As winter visitors, Canadians can easily see the draw of buying a house here for cold weather use. Think about this: pretty soon, their families and friends from back home are using the guest rooms to escape the snow, too. If the home owners aren’t yet retired, they could start to think about buying an even bigger house and maybe opening a U.S. branch of their business to take advantage of the American market, another infusion of capital in the Arizona economy.

Editorial taken from the Arizona Republic