Cavco Launches Solar Park Model

Seen in Las Vegas at the KOA Expo in November was Cavco Industries’ newest solar-powered park model cottage. “This is the first of a new generation of off-grid, solar-powered park models,” said Joseph Stegmayer, president and CEO of Phoenix-based Cavco. “It’s the most environmentally friendly park model cottage on the market.”
NTA, Inc., a company that specializes in certifying “green” manufacturers has given Cavco an “Emerald” rating, its highest, for the most eco-friendly park model rated so far. Alan Reder, NTA’s senior project manager stated,”Cavco is definitely raising the bar for the industry.”
The unit is built with 2-by-6 sidewalls, cork flooring, formaldehyde-free fiberglass wall insulation and phase change insulation in the ceiling, which helps to maintain a relatively even interior temperature as outdoor temperatures change.They’ve used environmentally friendly adhesives, sealants and coatings to maximize insulation and indoor air quality. Also featured are composite decking, an instant hot water heater, a dual flush toilet, Energy Star appliances and energy-saving LED lighting. The unit is equipped with solar panels, but it can also get electrical power from wind turbines and hydroelectric sources. It comes with a 6-KW Generac battery charging system for backup power.
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