“Little Dealer Little Prices” Gets Bigger in Arizona

Take a walk through an old western town setting, pass the covered wagon (receptionist desk) and perhaps wander into the telegraph office at Little Dealer Little Prices.

There, you will meet one of the business’s salespeople. This is how the full-service RV facility in Prescott, AZ works.

As reported by the Daily Courier, sitting on 11 acres, the 30,000-square-foot building operates as any regular RV business might, but is marketed more like a theme park.

The salespeople all wear ranger uniforms and the indoor showroom looks like a complete outdoor campsite set at night, with a moon, running water and hidden speakers emitting cricket chirps, frog croaks and other nature sounds.

There are pine trees, deer, a cave with bear tracks, campfires, etc. – all imitation, of course.

Adding to its two other locations in Mesa and Phoenix, Little Dealer Little Prices first opened up shop in Prescott Valley last April using a modular office.

That changed last month when the family-owned business officially opened what is now their Northern Arizona headquarters in Prescott Valley.

Originally from Flagstaff, the family patriarch, Roy Sampson, always wanted to return to the region after working in Phoenix for many years to build what is now a 50-year business. He did just that about 13 years ago and had hoped to see his business expand into the area.

“It was his dream that we would actually open a location there,” said Debbie Brunoforte, Roy’s daughter and current CEO of the company. “That’s where his heart was.”

Unfortunately, Roy passed away in 2012 and never got to see the location open up.

“A little thing called the recession got in the way,” Brunoforte said. “If it were not for the recession, we would have been up there earlier and Dad would have seen it.”

Article excerpted from RVBusiness.com